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Ruotsinsuomalainen's Weekly Supplement, nr. 22, Thursday May 29th 2014

Alkuajatus - The Little Manual of Life changed everything

The influence of everything that I had read until January 2013 had after all been just grains of sand in the ocean, was what I noticed when I got the in 2010 published book "Alkuajatus - The Little Manual of Life" in my hand. Before that I couldn't have imagined that someone in this world could understand and gain insight of a reality so extremely important for our genuine lives, and be capable to, out of that insight, create a text so clear, organized and easily understandable.


The Original Thought
280 pages
ISBN 9789522865304

The undersigned, Kari Immonen, has among other things read the world's largest autobiographical book series, Kalle Päätalo's Iijoki series, (closer to 18.000 pages) 12 times.

Alkuajatus is one of its kind in this world, ever. It's born out of 22 years of observing with unimaginable certainty, consciousness and focus on the matter. The person behind this work, Hannu, is a mathematically very talented man - but much more importantly, he has so much wisdom! And to mention a small difference between intelligens and wisdom; wisdom can't be learned and wisdom is benefitial to the whole mankind.

Nothing has ever made such a big impression on me as this book; it has opened a new, wonderful and real world for me, and my previously empty life, which didn't offer me any genuine and lasting satisfaction, got a whole new and unwavering ground - and if someone would ask me today how long I have really lived, my answer would be; 15-16 months; added of course the reality I experienced as a child, in the beginning of my life.

The lasting, indescribable feeling, which a person who focuses throroughly reaches, can't be described with words. The reached feeling doesn't disappear either, instead it reaches new levels, like an upward going wave motion.

I have at this point read Alkuajatus (and also the complements) with focus in my own peace 10 times (Notice that thorough focusing isn't a hasty and cursory reading and neither is it to apply one's earlier ideas when understanding the read!). When I read, I get the feeling as if the book is before me for the first time.

The book doesn't give one straight answers to questions, instead they are found by the seeker himself within himself. The finding happens by understanding completely what the matter is and only after that the insight is born - and one can see the matter perfectly clearly. A genuine insight that gives uplift and the following nice feeling can be really reached only to the extent and at the depth one is honest towards himself. Because of this reason, probably no one has managed to reach his inner reality on the level that it in accordance with his own purpose originally was. And an other matter that also has prevented us from reaching our own level of truth, is that we try to reach our genuine selfhood, ourselves, with a lie in the pocket; which is through dishonesty towards Self. In other words we shouldn't make the mistake to fool ourselves. A quote from the book: "the lie always begins with dishonesty towards oneself."

From my side it has always been easy, while working at the Radio Shop (-76), to get a close and open contact with people. While Alkuajatus has gradually opened up for me, the people in the surrounding world suddenly became very close to me, no matter who they were, and the alienation I experienced earlier disappeared and was replaced by an absolutely great feeling and connection to everything around me, in other words I experienced all humans and living things as very close, like one consciousness (Summer 2013). This feeling hasn't disappeared after that, instead it has become my everyday life. All the best to you and let us begin to live.